Sleep Coaching

Board Certified Pediatrician & IBCLC located in Denver, CO

Sleep Coaching

Dr. Stephanie Dunn is a pediatrician in Denver, Colorado who offers sleep consultation for infants and toddlers (6 months to 4 years is best). Sleep consultations at Woven Pediatrics are not one-size-fits-all like some online programs; together, we make a plan that fits your families schedules, values, logistics, and temperaments!

Book online - sleep consultation is offered on telehealth. Patients must be in Colorado.


We are so tired...

What do families say before a sleep consultation?

"The 4 month sleep regression never ended."

"We are cosleeping, and it feels like co-notsleeping."

"My partner sleeps on a pullout, so one of us gets sleep."

"I feel bad because I don't get home until after 7pm."

Does Dr. Stephanie believe in bedsharing?


Does Dr. Stephanie believe in modified cry-it-out?

Yes, if it works very quickly (like, in one night). Almost all families have tried some version of cry-it-out already, and there is no reason to revisit a strategy that did not work.

What can we expect from a sleep consultation? 

Your family deserves an assessment of your daily routine; we will talk about reasonable wake-up, nap, and bedtimes. You need playtime strategies that will help with your separation when it's time to say good night. And you need support to enforce boundaries in a way that is neither mean nor weak. It's not easy - parents will need to do some work, but many families find themselves in a different place after 2-3 weeks. 

If your family is having problems with sleep, please schedule a telehealth visit for your older infant or toddler at Woven Pediatrics!