Woven Pediatrics

Board Certified Pediatrician & IBCLC located in Denver, CO

Woven Pediatrics

Woven Pediatrics offers pediatrics and newborn care in Denver, Colorado. Led by board-certified pediatrician Stephanie Dunn, MD, IBCLC, PMH-C, the practice provides 4th trimester services to new moms and their newborns. Unlike a typical pediatric practice, Woven Pediatrics is just for babies - patients receive compassionate and comprehensive care without being hurried out the door. 

Woven Pediatrics considers the needs of the entire post-partum family, supporting mothers, breastfeeding, and the health of newborns. Dr. Stephanie weaves lactation, mental health and pediatric medicine into an experience that feels more like a coffee shop than a doctor's office. 

Early relationship experiences are the foundation of preventive medicine. Babies and their mamas are BOTH patients at Woven Pediatrics. 

For those looking for a primary care pediatrican for their newborn, Woven Pediatrics provides two months (60 days) of complete 4th trimester care for newborns and their breastfeeding parent. 

Prenatal lactation consultations are available for pregnant parents. For babies who have already seen a different pediatrician, Woven Pediatrics offers lactation medicine consults, and breastfeeding support groups. Perinatal mental healthcare is always a part of every visit. 

The practice sells products from Lactation Hub and provides donor milk from Mother’s Milk Bank (Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation). Woven Pediatrics bills all services to insurance. The practice warmly welcomes new and existing patients.

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Woven Pediatrics offers highly specialized care. 
The focus is newborns. The focus is new moms.
Bringing a baby home from the hospital can be overwhelming and stressful for each member of the young family.
Most pediatricians treat newborns exactly the same as their older patients.

Newborns and new families deserve more time, more care.

Regular pediatricians:

• No formal lactation training.
• Responsible for screening for mom's mental health, but mom isn't a patient.
• 20 - 30 minute visits.
• Panels of >1000 kids at a time, up to (and over) age 21.
• Not immersed in the perinatal community.

Woven Pediatrics:

• IBCLC - super lactation trained!
• Mom's mental health is addressed at every visit - medications considered!
• 90 minute visits.
• Patients are sent out on their merry way at 2 months - the focus is the first 60 days.
• Resources galore!